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Helen Harrop

Looks like you've uncovered some really useful insights around user search behaviour here - There's so much information it's hard to know where to start but the things that stood out to me as particularly interesting were:
The users' reluctance to do a search unless it was from a 'clean slate' ... it almost sounds like there's a case for there being a timeout function which returns the terminal to the welcome screen (although that could be fraught with the risk of making the user experience worse).

I noticed that the user who searched for Scottish Romanticism makes a typo in their search term (romantism) but the search results gave them what they were looking for which is always good from a UX point of view.

Did you get any feedback on the appearance of the word cloud? The example in the screenshot looks (to my eyes) more akin to a category list than a typical web 2.0 style word cloud so it would be interesting to know the users' perspective on that.

I look forward to hearing more about it in Glasgow. Have a lovely weekend!

Helen (Project Synthesis Liaison, JISClms)


A timeout function could be the next best solution, although some survey/measurement should be done on the timeout duration. We didn't video or capture screen. I just reproduced the screenshots based on the notes taken on the user's steps. So the typo was mine! And I'm surprised too about the results. I guess this kind of validate one of the user comments about the fuzzy search. But the same can't be said about the spelling test we are conducting in the usability test right now. Yup we have some feedback on world cloud both from the user research and usability testing. If I have time in Glasgow I will show you some videos.

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